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Dallas-Fort Worth Sees Earliest-Ever Snowfall; + Federal Disaster Declared After Unprecedented Lake-Effect Snow–Which MSM Claims Is Due To A “Warming Climate”

Dallas-Fort Worth Sees Earliest-Ever Snowfall

On November 18, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport received its earliest snowfall in recorded history. 

According to the area’s weather books, which date back to 1898, last Friday’s trace was the earliest date for snow on record, besting the previous benchmark set 92 years ago on Nov 19, 1930.

For reference, the most snow ever recorded in DFW was logged Feb 11, 2010, when 11.2 inches accumulated, totals that essentially closed down North Texas.

As predicted by the Farmer’s Almanac, this winter in North Texas will be another colder-than-normal one, with above-average snowfall expected.

Federal Disaster Declared After Unprecedented Lake-Effect Snow…

A federal disaster has been declared for the north country and western New York after the historic lake effect snowstorm.

Federal aid is arriving in the region which will help state and local authorities clean up from the massive storm that dumped more than 6-feet of mid-November snow to the region.

The emergency declaration authorizes the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster relief in 11 counties buried by the unprecendetd snow.

The National Weather Service logged record-slaying totals in a host of locales, including Natural Bridge in Lewis County, which received 72 inches, and also Watertown’s 61 inches, which became the city’s largest snowfall event ever — to name just two.

Above the border, too, well-over a meter (3.3 ft) of snow blanketed parts of the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, with 53 cm (1.74 ft) settling in Wiarton on Sunday alone — an accumulation that broke the area’s all-time single-day snow from 1982.

“I think it’s these earlier season lake-effect events that could see some signature from climate change going forward,” spouted an Environment Canada meteorologist on Monday, no doubt clamoring for answers that will meet the approval of his employer’s AGW Party backers…

…Which MSM Claims Is Due To A “Warming Climate”

Hot on the heels of slain cold records, the warm-mongering AGW Party have –predictably– issued a slew of ‘damage limitation’ stories: record-setting Arctic air and historic snowfall is caused by a “warming climate”, it turns out…

Many of the Northeast’s heaviest snowfalls have occurred since 1990, which, according to those bought-out hacks at scientificamerican.com, begs the question, how can the spate of big snowstorms be reconciled with our warming climate?

They use the old ‘warmer air can hold more moisture than cold air’ excuse, which, although of course true, would, in a genuinely warming climate, and particularly in mid-November, see precipitation fall as rain, not 6+ feet of record-slaying snow.

The early blast of descending polar cold is ignored by these activist-scientists; instead, the historic snow magicked its way out of the comparatively warm waters within the Great Lakes, and the accompanying record low temps are… well… erm… shut up

What is crow-barred in, however, is the reassertion that our supposedly warming waters are also increasing the intensity of hurricanes. But here too, and as discussed in the article linked below, real world observations reveal that global hurricanes, overall, have no trend, and that Category 5 storms are actually declining:

Scientific America uses the below table as evidence that intensifying NE snowstorms are tied to rising global temperatures.

Boston's and New York's biggest snow storms.

Ignoring the two cherry-picked locations (why not look at the entire NE region as a whole?), there are many potential forcings that could explain the intensifying snowstorms — ‘global warming’ I would put near the bottom, if not dead last. In fact, it likely wouldn’t even make my list, because it isn’t just one-off NE snowstorms that are shown to be increasing, it’s overall global snow cover.

The AGW Party do accept that one-off snowstorms are becoming stronger but only in a limited number of locations were temps already regularly fall below freezing–such as the Northeast; the overall trend, so their hypothesis goes, is of a less snowy planet.

However, since 2016, Northern Hemisphere snow mass seasons have been holding well-above the 1982-2012 average, and the 2022-2022 season is proving no different — as of the latest datapoint (Nov 19), the ‘Total snow mass for the NH’ chart, which comes courtesy of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), continues to ride above both the multidecadal average and the standard deviation (the chart also excludes the mountains –where it’s colder– further refuting the AGW Party assertion):

This isn’t a case of ‘warmer waters = increased global snow cover’, this would be illogical–and this isn’t what the AGW Party are claiming, either; as always, they are trying to have their cake and eat it, too, insisting, even in face of contradictory data (such as that embedded above), that global snow is in actual-fact decreasing: ‘NE snowstorms are increasing, but overall global snowpack is decreasing’ — this is the claim, but this is dead wrong, and this incompatibility threatens their entire narrative–and they know it.

Additional inconvenient observations are provided by Greenland: ‘the poster boy for global warming’.

This year, the Greenland Ice Sheet has opened the cold season in record-breaking fashion. This is, in books dating back to 1981, the strongest start to a snow/ice season ever–as visualized by the Danish Meteorological Institute’s Surface Mass Balance (SMB) charts below (blue line, bottom chart):


However, despite this reality, the agenda-driving legacy media continues to spoon-feed the indoctrinated masses Grimms’ Fairy Tales of terrifying glacial melt and disastrous sea level rise. But again, these stories are dead wrong and so threatens to unravel the yarns spun by AGW Party over the past few decades.

The official global temperature record is another obfuscating ruse. This dataset –that the likes of Scientific America base every other determination on– has been completely skewed by the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect.

NASA/NOAA have admitted that they have to ‘guess’ the temperature for most parts of the world, due to poor station coverage. And they choose to base these estimations not on the rural temperature data, which is cooler, but rather on the closest metropolitan stations which, 1) can often be located hundreds of miles away, and 2) have been proven –and are widely accepted– hold much warmer than their rural counterparts.

This, to my mind, could explain ‘catastrophic global warming’ in its entirety, at least in recent years; that is, ever-expanding urban development and the insistence of government funded climate agencies to favor the warmer metropolitan stations over their cooler more remote cousins.

Moreover, if we look only at the satellite data, Earth’s temperature has been dropping since 2016, and continues to drop.

This reality, as well as those increasingly intense snowstorms and expanding global snow mass, can be far better explained by decreasing solar activity–namely via its weakening of the jet streams, which reverts the streams’ usual straight ‘zonal’ flow to more of a wavy ‘meridional’ one:

Looking again at that Boston and NY snow table, the 1978 snowstorms, the one in 1888, those in 1996 and 1997, and all storms post 2006-or-so can be tied to deceases in the Sun’s output.

You cannot link the intense snowstorms of the 1970s –which remain among the strongest in recorded history– to a heating planet/warming waters. Earth was cooling back then, the jet streams were ‘meridional’, and the pop-scientists of the day were warning of a fast-approaching Ice Age and pleading with world governments to prepare:

In fact, NOAA went so far as to blame “fossil fuel burning” for the cooling, saying that the resulting injection of particulates into the atmosphere “could screen out so much sunlight that the average temperature could drop by six degrees”:

Earth’s climate is as complex-a-system as we humans are ever likely to encounter — no way is ‘The Science’ settled.

To that point, we must reject the dire projections made by today’s mainstream pop-scientists, particularly the ‘solutions’ offered by unelected globalist bodies such as the UN and the WEF, those poverty-inducing ‘fixes’ that are then promoted by their bought-out MSM lapdogs — because as we’ve just seen, time routinely proves these types spectacularly and, often, dangerously wrong.

Furthermore, and lastly, the rare triple-dip La Nina we’re now enduring –a naturally occurring phenomenon tied to ocean cooling in the Pacific– has completely upended one major aspect of the AGW narrative.

A new study exposes this ‘issue’, which I’ll look into tomorrow.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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15 Thoughts to “Dallas-Fort Worth Sees Earliest-Ever Snowfall; + Federal Disaster Declared After Unprecedented Lake-Effect Snow–Which MSM Claims Is Due To A “Warming Climate””

  1. Mystic’s Mystic

    My money is on the global average temperature making another drop this
    month. The month of November, 2022. If the MSM clattering magpies want to be edified they will search for the latest global temperatures presented by Dr Roy Spencer.
    Data usually available in early December.
    As aggressive as this winter has been. Perihelion occurs on January 4, 2023
    The earth will be 91,403,043 miles from the sun. Life experience & laws of physics say the earth will receive more solar energy due to moving closer to the sun, making December & January more of a challenge for a deeper cold.
    I can hear the MSM Magpies now. Get ready for February. The earth will be seeking a higher orbit. Could be brutal.

    1. I agree.
      Here in South Central KY we have a small ‘river’; below the house that has frozen over solid this early in the year. AND we had a TRACE of snow a week ago and that usually happens in LATE, LATE, LATE Dec or January.
      AND the leaves dropped two weeks early this year…the trees know.
      Arm up, store foods up and most of all…cut more wood for HEAT!!!

    2. TW

      True about Perihelion but it rather simplistic as it doesn’t take into account leads/lags in temperatures and ‘localised’ disruptions/disturbances of the meriodonal flow caused by lower magnetic field strength.

    3. Dallas Schneider

      Per the history of Mt Pinatubo 1991, 1 yr cooling, 1 yr cold, 1 yr warming Max Cooling from Hunga Tonga will be around 1 Feb 2023.
      Any lag effect could push the cooling into a year without a summer,
      in my opinion.

      1. TW

        Thanks Dallas, that’s interesting and rather concerning. Everything feels a little bit too ‘perfect storm’…

  2. Jeffrey Johnson

    You’ve got a little typo at the top of this post: the Dallas/Fort Worth area didn’t get 11 feet 20 inches of snow that day, it got 11.2 inches. That winter saw 17.1 inches of total snow which was due to El Nino effects. My young boys had a great time that week as they were out of school and got to play in the snow all week.
    That winter had the highest total snow accumulation ever for the DFW Airport – two inches higher than the next snowiest year which was in 1963-64.
    Source: https://www.weather.gov/fwd/wintersnow09-10

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      I like the 11 FOOT better but you’re right…damn that would have been COOL!!!

    2. Cap Allon

      Corrected. Thank you.

  3. .

    The weather radar glitches are WORLD WIDE! – November 17th, 2022.

    From Telegram “FireMedic8”
    26 minutes, great viewing from 4min to 18min if you have been noticing strange anomalies on your weather radar of late. Straight beams, circular patterns, watch as the author starts in Canada, into the US and Mexico, Spain, India, Wuhan, etc, to show this phenomena is not a local glitch, it is a world wide pattern that is not being talked about by official sources meaning its probably intentional. Energy beams? 5G. Does it relate to the world wide chem trails we are seeing?

  4. TheMronz

    Top article as ever thanks Cap.
    I especially look forward to tomorrow’s instalment.

  5. Balboa

    Here in the Madistan Area, in the words of Uncle Bobby, “i’m surrounded by Idjits!”

  6. William Best

    The CAGW (mustn’t forget the Catastrophic element of AGW) party may find the following helpful. My new Unified Global Climate Theory presents the possibility/probability that CO2 does control climate/weather in the local, and hemispherical, heating, and also the not much talked about, cooling. Consider the lowly, dirty, dastardly, CO2 molecule throughout a local 24 hour period. The local temperatures seem to rise and fall due to light. Why? The Sun is not a factor, see, Settled Science, so therefore the CO2 molecule which is reported to be heavier than air, but maybe not by much, and is affected much like a solar vane in a glass bottle, is affected by the force of light photons. So, up and around they go causing heating effects, and then when the light leaves they fall to the ground allowing no more heating which causes anti-heating, the sucking up of available local heat things like BTUs or Curies to make it through the dark period. Perhaps a molecular survival tactic. This happens on a larger but slower scale year round due to planetary tilt. Not sure about the 400 year cycles though. Again, just trying to help here. Billy Best

    1. Moffin

      You should never be allowed to vote, Billy, based on science rather than belief.

    2. Dallas Schneider

      Billy, you may want to include ionizing effects on the air from the solar radiation.
      I have not heard of any one including that in any studies but my data is limited, of course!
      A military associate reported in the sandy regions of the middle east where he was stationed the sand would rise up around two feet deep each morning.
      I attribute it to ionizing effects on the sand where particles with like charges repel each other. It would be in a still non-windy atmosphere where this effect occurred.
      Also consider how clouds occur. In dry air with like charges repelling each other it remains clear. Now when a particle of unlike charge, water vapor, enters it air will attract a water vapor molecule on each side of it nullifying the repulsion effect allowing the clouds to form.
      This is similar to an experiment you can try easily right now!!
      Take two bar magnets, placing similar ends together so the have a strong repulsion effect. Now place a slim piece of steel or iron between them,
      BINGO, they now attract each other!!!
      Thanks for your considerable thought on this matter, and posting it for review.
      That in my opinion is a considerable demonstration of……………………


    3. Dallas Schneider

      Recall at dark the clear sky is at a lower temp than the ground, sucking up the heat. Some third world inhabitants in South America will freeze ice in thin pans on their rooftop even when the air temp is only 35F.

      I take a Sky Temp every morning with my infrared temp gun.
      The lowest temp I have recorded was 30 Jan 2022 at MINUS 39 F!!!
      Today was 67 F with overcast skies with lots of humidity.
      The Sky temp seems to vary with humidity giving me a good indication of rain in the next 24-48 hours when it rises 5 degrees or more from the previous day.

      Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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